Work experience: Theodora’s week at Quinn Legal

My experience at Quinn Legal has made me more interested in becoming a lawyer – Theodora Karezi

I was able to develop my analysing skills through reading a range of cases and making mock letters for them, this part of my experience also gave me the opportunity to look into potential units in law such as family or crime. I was given the amazing opportunity to go to the Isle of Man courts, this was a first-time experience for me but I enjoyed it as it gave me a peek into what perhaps could be my future. I was able to watch how advocates reacted in particular situations, especially when under any form of pressure.

While being in the office I learned that being an advocate takes a lot of patience and good communication skills. I was able to analyse a series of civil litigation letters in order to see how each client is dealt with depending on their case. This sparked my interest and made me realise the importance of knowing your client and the situation you are appealing for.

Even though I personally have a range of skills, being at Quinn Legal made me look into a whole other set of skills that ideally an advocate should have. Some of these included organisation, formality, manner and correct approach. These skills will definitely be helpful for me to learn and develop before further studies at university as I feel that being organised and showing formality is also key in social situations as well as work.

Talking with a few of the advocates at Quinn Legal also helped me learn more about how the law works in the Isle of Man, as well as the process of becoming a solicitor on the island. Having one on one conversations with some of the staff also gave me ideas about what universities to look at and what courses would fit into my interest in law. I got to go through all the units that were available, which made the experience very enjoyable and interesting as I wasn’t aware of all the different units that there were. I also got the opportunity to look into the business and how the business is run, this was very helpful as it gave me an insight into the potential of starting a law firm.

Even though I was keen on becoming a lawyer before going to Quinn Legal, actually seeing what happens in courts and in the office made me want to becoming a lawyer even more. The idea of helping others and having the ability to see such a wide range of cases made me even more interested. Although I did not know many terms that would be associated with law, this experience has made me learn a wide range of technical terms that I could use in the future when applying for a job or university.

Overall, my time at Quinn Legal was a lovely and educational experience, the skills that I have learned will help me when applying for university or for a job. The friendly atmosphere felt very welcoming as well as professional, and this made me see the positive side to a working environment.