Work experience: Emma’s time at Quinn Legal

Written by Emma Leith

During my work experience, I have managed to learn about the various aspects of law within my 5 days, here at Quinn Legal. I was nervous to start with, as to what law would be like, whether I would enjoy it or what an office environment would be like, but after being introduced to Cara and then the very welcoming team, I was excited and ready for the week ahead of me.

I spent most of my time within the family department. I felt that the general office jobs that I completed were very useful as these were skills that are used in every job, and in day to day life. I was also given a divorce file to read which I was very pleased with as family business is the type of law that interests me the most. The atmosphere was comforting and cheerful and the team was always willing to help.

I was also given the opportunity to go to the Isle of Man Courts and observe different criminal cases. When I first entered court itself, I didn’t know what to expect as I’d only ever seen court, or what it is supposed to look like it, on television. The cases were very intriguing and made me realise that there is always more than one side to an argument, even if it does not jump at you immediately. As the cases went on, it gave me an awareness of the different people in society which was good because I am only used to communicating with the same people each day – in school, at home, and in clubs. This was a whole new experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When learning about personal injury, at first I was sure that I wouldn’t be interested in it but after reading some more into certain cases, I started to become more curious about them. I was also grateful for Hayley who talked me through going into law. She was very helpful and told me where to study, degrees I need to get, courses I need to take and more.

Overall, I feel that I chose an enjoyable work placement, and one that has benefited me. I have enjoyed every day at Quinn Legal and the skills that I have learnt will play a role in whatever career I decide to go into in the future. I am thankful for this opportunity and even more thankful for everybody who has given up their time for me.