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Estate planning is the process of organising how your affairs will be managed after you pass away. Thinking about death is an uncomfortable and often frightening experience for many people and that’s why our expert lawyers give sensitive, yet practical advice.

What You Need To Know About Estate Planning

Planning what will happen to your estate is one of the best decisions you can make. The term estate refers to the property, money and debts you leave behind when you pass away.

Death is a natural part of life and although it’s unpleasant to think about, it’s worthwhile spending a short amount of time taking action to get your affairs in order.

Estate planning is a beneficial process, not only for your loved ones, but for your peace of mind. While you have control over the assets that you’ve worked hard for, it’s important to take care of how they’re handled.

Top 5 Benefits of Estate Planning

  1. Advanced organisation prevents your loved ones from experiencing unnecessary stress while they’re bereaved
  2. Planning ahead means that you can appoint someone you know to deal with your affairs
  3. You’re given the choice as to who your money is shared with
  4. If you wish, you can issue guidance on how your heirs spend their inheritance
  5. For those with young children, you can establish who will become legal guardian

Estate Planning Essentials

You may need to create a will, decide who will be your Power of Attorney, organise how your assets will be divided or think about what happens to a trust.

Our supportive advocates are efficient in all aspects of will writing, including creating a new will or updating an existing one and contesting or defending a will.

If a loved one has recently passed away, you may need help to arrange their affairs, especially if none are in place. We’re not only sympathetic, understanding of the immense pressures bereavement causes and work to ensure that your stresses are reduced.

You May Need A Lawyer If:

  • You’re recently married, have purchased property together and each wish to set up a Will
  • You need to create a Will to ensure that your children are provided for
  • A loved one has passed away and you’re the Executor of their Will
  • You’ve inherited a Trust from a loved one and need to understand how to manage it
  • A parent has passed away with no Will left in place and you and your siblings disagree on how their wealth should be divided

Estate Planning: How Can Quinn Legal Help?

At Quinn Legal, we’ll explain the legal jargon and ensure that the planning processes are made simple.

We’ll always keep you informed to ensure that your legal documents remain current to your needs and goals.

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