Celebrity Motoring Problems You Should Avoid

This week the case involving David Beckham speeding through Kensington in a borrowed Bentley will be heard by the Courts in London. Mr Beckham does not deny driving at over the speed limit but his lawyer, Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, will argue that Mr Beckham cannot be convicted because the notice of prosecution was not served correctly.

The argument is that the notice arrived a day late – a point of detail that only an experienced alert lawyer is likely to identify.

Whether you agree that such an argument is morally correct Mr Loophole has a reputation for helping his clients avoid criminal convictions. And the stakes are high. In the UK, fines for some motoring offences are unlimited and they can be significant, as Ant McPartlin found out earlier this year when he was fined £86,000 after his drink driving conviction.

But it’s not just the fines to be avoided. Often driving offences can carry heavy penalties, disqualification and for the more serious offences a prison sentence.

If you ever find yourself facing the prospect of being charged for a motoring offence it is important to seek legal advice from a suitably qualified advocate.

Whilst Mr Loophole and the celebrity cases may make the headlines, for the majority of cases the skilful handling by a good lawyer can make a difference to the penalty imposed. It can mean the difference between a fine or prison.

A quick phone call with us answering a few questions may avoid a criminal record and a lengthy driving ban.

With a dedicated Criminal and Litigation Team, our specialist advocates can represent and defend you against any motoring offence allegations. Jim Travers may not have the same following as Mr Loophole but as one of the Island’s leading criminal defence lawyers he has over 18 years of experience, showing empathy and understanding, regardless of the nature of the allegations and the potential outcomes of your specific alleged offence. He will focus on explaining the motoring laws that apply to your situation and the potential outcomes of your specific offence.

To find out whether Quinn Legal can help you call Jim on 01624 665511 or email him at motoring@quinnlegal.im.