Breaking up? Protect your child with a Contact Agreement

Relationship breakups are emotionally challenging for everyone involved, especially any children caught in the middle. If you and your partner split up, one of the most important actions you can take is to put a Contact Agreement in place to ensure your child maintains a good relationship with both parents.

What is a Contact Agreement?

This agreement supports the needs of your child and puts into writing a number of key factors to secure their wellbeing. These can include confirming Christmas contact, holiday arrangements, any after-school childcare requirements, and more, depending on the circumstances.

Is it an easy process?

A Contact Agreement is easier to organise if you and your partner are able to negotiate with each other. Your first move is to get in touch with an advocate specialising in family law. They will set up a meeting where you can discuss what has been agreed. Your advocate will then prepare a Contact Agreement and this will be sent to your ex-partner/spouse so they can propose any changes or confirm they are happy to proceed. The Contact Agreement, once approved by all parties, will be signed and submitted to court for sealing as a Consent Order.

What if my partner and I don’t agree?

Some cases aren’t as easy to resolve, especially if you and your partner are struggling to make decisions together. Where conflict exists, a family law advocate will be able to help one party with legal advice about the process. This could potentially involve making an application for the Court to intervene and make a decision in respect of the issues in dispute. Court proceedings are always a last resort, but in some cases the intervention of the Court is required.

How can Quinn Legal help?

Quinn Legal’s approachable family team are specialists in supporting parents and children when a relationship ends. With over 50 years’ experience, our advocates and support staff are knowledgeable in organising Contact Agreements and liaising with third-parties on your behalf. Our agreements are bespoke documents, completely based on your family’s individual circumstances. We keep your child’s needs in mind throughout the whole process.

If you would like more information or wish to put a Contact Agreement in place, please call 665522 or email Alternatively, you can speak to one of our live chat agents or click here to make an enquiry through the website.