Isn’t it amazing what a quick phone call and having the right advice can lead to?

Whether you think that what happened yesterday at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court was right or wrong, in the eyes of his lawyer the case against David Beckham was ‘defective’.

Even though Nick Freeman, otherwise known as Mr Loophole, told Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court that there was ‘no issue’ with the speed alleged, and even David Beckham openly stated that he was speeding, he still entered a not guilty plea.

Initially Mr Loophole tried to get the case thrown out on a technicality, but it still went to Court, only for the Court to rule in Mr Beckham’s favour. The district judge found that the Notice of Intended Prosecution failed to arrive within the statutory 14-day window. The Law allows for ‘vagaries’ of the postal system, but even taking those into account the defendant in this case cannot be convicted.

Knowing the nature of the allegation, the Law that surrounds it and the potential outcomes is clearly how Mr Loophole operates. And he’s clearly adept at finding technicalities and exploiting them so his celebrity clients can be acquitted of driving offences.

David Beckham has won, in Court, but he may have lost something more important. His image has always been that of a decent, honest man who takes responsibility for his actions. Many now believe that he should have openly admitted he was in the wrong, not entered a ‘not guilty’ plea and should have accepted his punishment. Although his lawyer has avoided a modest fine, points or even a ban, the court of public opinion feels that it is not in the spirit. Time will tell whether the outcome really was worth the risk of reputational damage?

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