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At Quinn Legal we are a team of experienced Manx Advocates with a reputation for providing friendly and professional services to our Isle of Man and global client base.

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At Quinn Legal we are a team of experienced Manx Advocates building a reputation for friendly and professional legal services from our global and local Manx client base.

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We know that a lawyers offices can be an intimidating place to be. That's why we're a welcoming team that really do try to help set your mind at ease.

It's important to us that your experience with Quinn Legal is a positive one. Both our legal and support teams are here to help you in any legal situation and we pride ourselves on our diverse areas of expertise, from online gaming to probate, wills and family law.

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As a leading brand of solicitors and Advocates in the Isle of Man we like to create relevant content to help you in your legal issues. From conveyancing to probate, we will continue to keep you informed of Isle of Man Law Practices. We are also busy creating a series of how to guides to help you make the right steps when dealing with important life issues...

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In the 21st century, digital information is fundamental to virtually every type and size of business, from vast corporations to sole traders. It forms the basis of their operations and enables them to function effectively. Without digital information, it would be hard for any business to survive against the competition, let alone grow.

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When can I see my kids over the summer holidays? Summer is an exciting time for all families. It’s a time where most look forward to a week or so in the sun together. But what happens when you’re no longer with your partner and you have to decide who has the kids, and when?

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